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Nana Visitor to Appear in ‘Ted 2′

We’ve been wondering what Nana was up to lately, although her Twitter feed reveals that she’s been enjoying the cultural attractions in New York City. Now Nana is back in Los Angeles for a few days to film a role in the upcoming movie Ted 2, the sequel to Seth MacFarlane’s 2012 blockbuster adult comedy, Ted, starring Mark Wahlberg. Nana tweeted a photo of herself on the FOX lot on her way to a wardrobe fitting:

Details about the movie’s plot, and Nana’s role, are scarce, but we do know that the film will be released June 26, 2015. Also of note, fellow Trekker Michael Dorn is in the movie; will he and Nana interact on screen? Only time will tell!

PHOTOS: Nana’s New Movie, ‘Hell of a View’

Nana Visitor co-stars in 'Hell of a View'

Nana Visitor stars in a new independent film about the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy called Hell of a View, and thanks to, we have some photos of Nana to share.

The movie has a personal connection for Nana, who was in Manhattan during the storm last year.

“I saw the Harbor and the East River smash together in the streets underneath my window,” she recalls. “Funnily enough, as my husband and I crept out of our building to survey the damage the next morning, a woman asked me to tell her my experience of the previous night. After she thanked me is when my myopic eyes saw the “AP” (as in Associated Press) on her jacket. People from literally all over the world called me in the next few days to tell me they’d seen me on their news station. Why didn’t I wear makeup!”

(Watch the interview with Nana post-storm here.)

Hell of a View also stars Hunter Parrish, Victor Slezak, Tim Daly and Ashley Hinshaw. The film does not yet have a release date; we will update when we have more news.

Nana and Family Safe After Hurricane Sandy

Several of you have emailed asking about Nana's safety in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. She and her family are safe and well, if a bit waterlogged! Nana appears in this video from PBS, around the 0:45 mark, describing the flooding as the Hudson River rose under the onslaught.

Watch Sandy Aftermath Affects Millions in New York and New Jersey on PBS. See more from PBS NewsHour.

Thanks to all who inquired and who sent in the video link!


Watch Nana Visitor in KNIGHT RIDER

Nana Visitor guest stars in Knight Rider
David Hasselhoff and Nana Visitor

Amazon has been adding some TV classics to their instant video service, and Nana Visitor fans are benefiting! Nana guest starred in a 1986 episode of Knight Rider which is now available to watch instantly on Amazon for just $1.99.

Here's the synopsis for the episode, titled “Hills of Fire”:

While investigating a mysterious fire in a beautiful park, Michael (David Hasselhoff) uncovers a $10 million drug trafficking operation. With David Raynr, Nana Visitor.

If you watch, let us know what you think!


Nana Returns to New York, Relaunches Food Blog

After several years in New Mexico and a year working in Los Angeles, Nana has returned to New York City! In honor of this new chapter in her life, Nana and her sister, Zan, are relaunching their food blog, The Kitchen Witches.

So far the posts are few, but Zan has shared a recipe for gluten-free donuts that looks tasty, and Nana shared some words of wisdom from their mother:

eat and live with intention and greedy joy


Watch Nana Visitor in MACGYVER

Nana Visitor guest stars on MacGyver
Nana Visitor and Richard Dean Anderson

Amazon has been adding some TV classics to their instant video service, and Nana Visitor fans are benefiting! Nana guest starred in two episodes of the '80s classic MacGyver, starring Richard Dean Anderson, and both episodes are now available to watch instantly at Amazon.

Here are the descriptions of her two episodes from two different seasons (fun fact: she played different characters in each episode).

Season 1: “Hellfire” (click to watch)

MacGyver's friends strike oil, but an out-of-control fire threatens to destroy all they own. They turn to MacGyver as the only one who can extinguish the inferno and save the oil.

Season 2: “DOA: MacGyver” (click to watch)

After MacGyver is informed of a bomb planted at a funeral, he receives a head injury that causes amnesia. Will our hero remember in time, even with the killer close at hand?


Support Michael Dorn’s Movie Project, Co-Starring Nana

Michael Dorn, who Star Trek fans know as Worf from TNG and DS9, is looking for help backing a romantic comedy he co-wrote titled Through the Fire. The project is seeking about $750,000 via a Kickstarter campaign in order to proceed.

In addition to co-writing the script, Dorn will direct and star in the film. He’s cast fellow Star Trek actors Marina Sirtis, Kitty Swink, Armin Shimerman, and Nana Visitor in various roles. To pledge your support for Through the Fire, and find out more about the project, visit the Kickstarter page today!

Nana Visitor to Spend Valentine’s Day with FAMILY GUY

Nana Visitor as Rita in Family Guy
Nana Visitor to return to Family Guy in 2013

Although Valentine’s Day is still several months away, the folks behind FOX’s animated series Family Guy are already in a romantic state of mind according to EW. They recently announced that their Valentine’s Day episode will feature a gaggle of Brian’s ex-girlfriends, including Rita who is voiced by Nana Visitor.

In the episode, Brian ends up dateless on the Most Romantic Night Of The Year, so Stewie takes charge:

“Stewie gathers scores of Brian’s former girlfriends to get to the bottom of why he’s unsuccessful in love,” exec producer Mark Hentemann tells EW. “The women are not reluctant to point out Brian’s flaws, and have a great time doing so.”

Other returning exes include Drew Barrymore (as Jillian), Jessica Biel (Brooke), Nicole Sullivan (Tina), Cheryl Tiegs (Cheryl Tiegs), Jessica Stroup (Denise), Julie Hagerty (Carol), Kat Foster (Carolyn). Family Guy kicks off its 11th season on September 30 with this episode, titled “Valentine’s Day in Quahog”, set to air in early 2013. Nana previously appeared as Rita in “Brian’s Got A Brand New Bag.”