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Nana Visitor's Schedule for the Creation Las Vegas Convention

Nana Visitor is heading to Vegas this weekend to celebrate DS9's 20th anniversary! Sunday is the big day, and we have Nana's schedule to share with those of you lucky enough to be going.

Sunday, August 11

  • 10:50 AM – DS9 Group Photo Ops
  • 11:45 AM – DS9 Lunch Private Meet & Greet
  • 2:15 PM – DS9 Panel
  • 3:20 PM – Group Photo Ops on Stage
  • 4:05 PM – Solo Photo Ops
  • 5:10 PM – Autographs (Gold & Tix)

Have fun!


The Importance of Kira Nerys

Star Trek fan Sophia wrote a stirring tribute to the importance of Kira Nerys in science fiction and on television that every Nana Visitor fan should read:

And that gift of Nana’s for a controlled performance of wild, complicated, sometimes self-contradicting emotion is what makes Kira Nerys as important as she is.

And Kira Nerys is important because she breaks the mold in which Ro Laren is stuck. Kira Nerys is a Tough Girl who shoots first and asks questions later, who’s all instinct, all impulse, and who is also entirely, availably emotional. And that part of her, the part of her that’s all feeling, is seen by the other characters and by the frame of the show as her strength. ‘Her presence,’ as Terry Farrell put it, ‘is her strength.’ You just do not see that on TV, that combination of toughness with feeling. (The sole other example I can think of is late-series Gabrielle of Xena: Warrior Princess.)

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Nana Visitor Talks DS9, Kira's Hair, Moving Back to New York

TrekCore has a terrific new interview with Nana Visitor in advance of her appearance at Destination London this weekend. Here's an excerpt:

TrekCore: What are your honest thoughts about the Kira/Odo relationship. How did you feel when you first found out where the writers were going to go with it?

Nana Visitor: Well, you know – honestly – I was disappointed. I thought it was so great to have a deep friendship between people who worked together that wasn’t romantic. I thought “Oh, here we go, the moonlighting thing – everyone always has to end up in a romance.” But then I had a very deep friendship with Alexander Siddig that ended up with a baby, so I had to go “Well, you know what? This is truthful! It happens!”

TrekCore: Art imitating life

Nana Visitor: Yes, exactly! Laughs

TrekCore: Were you pleased with how Kira and Odo turned out in the end, did it come around for you?

Nana Visitor: Oh it absolutely came around for me. I thought it was a beautiful love story, and a real love story that they both understood that he had to go back to the soup. Laughs

TrekCore: You and René had such an awesome chemistry on screen, does that transcend into a good friendship offscreen?

Nana Visitor: Oh absolutely! We have plans to have dinner Friday night in London. I can’t wait to see him, he’s one of my favorite people.

(Read the full interview here…)


Starry Constellation – January 2007

strong>Starry Constellation Magazine has a print interview and an accompanying podcast with Nana posted at their website


MacGamer – November 2000

Nana Visitor
By Corey Tamás

If there's one shared mythology in this civilization, it would arguably be the pantheon of Star Trek. Among the many inspiring and bold characters that have graced the screen (whether it be in the original series, the Next Generation, Deep Space Nine or Voyager), most would argue that Major Kira, for many the first taste of the bajoran temperment, struck a nerve as a strong, capable and downright heroic personality. Nana Visitor, the woman who portrays Kira, is not unlike that herself. Articulate and focused, Visitor has been steeped in the world of show business from infancy (her father was a Broadway choreographer and her mother taught ballet and ran a dance studio)… and in a recent phone conference, MacGamer had an opportunity to ask her about what might be her most unique role ever; that of computer gamer heroine (with a bunch of other web site reporters… not all the questions below are mine).

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TV Zone – January 1999


By David Richardson

TV ZONE visits the set of Deep Space Nine, and finds Nana Visitor preparing to say her farewells…

The view is stunning. We're standing on the upper level of the Deep Space Nine promenade, looking through the vast window to the stars of the Bajoran system. Below us, crowds of people are going about their daily business. It could all be real, but, of course, it's not: the set on the soundstage at Paramount studios is a solid, beautifully crafted piece of architecture. Totally enclosed, it gives one the impression that you've arrived in a tangible alien culture.

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