Watch Nana Visitor in MACGYVER

Nana Visitor guest stars on MacGyver
Nana Visitor and Richard Dean Anderson

Amazon has been adding some TV classics to their instant video service, and Nana Visitor fans are benefiting! Nana guest starred in two episodes of the '80s classic MacGyver, starring Richard Dean Anderson, and both episodes are now available to watch instantly at Amazon.

Here are the descriptions of her two episodes from two different seasons (fun fact: she played different characters in each episode).

Season 1: “Hellfire” (click to watch)

MacGyver's friends strike oil, but an out-of-control fire threatens to destroy all they own. They turn to MacGyver as the only one who can extinguish the inferno and save the oil.

Season 2: “DOA: MacGyver” (click to watch)

After MacGyver is informed of a bomb planted at a funeral, he receives a head injury that causes amnesia. Will our hero remember in time, even with the killer close at hand?